Power Dividers / Combiners

Low Frequency Power Dividers

Pulsar Microwave Corporation's low frequency power dividers cover frequency bands up to 2.5 GHz, including select Cellular (800-1000 MHz), PCS (1.8-2.0 GHz), and LAN (2.3-2.5 GHz) bands.  Pulsar's dividers are available in a wide variety of package styles, such as plug-in, flatpack, TO-cans, and connectorized housings. However, the most popular are the miniature surface mount packages, which are readily available on tape and reel, lending themselves to automated assembly techniques.

Stripline High Frequency Power Dividers

Pulsar Microwave Corporation offers a full line of power dividers covering octave and multi-octave frequency bands up to 18 GHz.  Pulsar's dividers offer very low insertion loss, high isolation, and flat phase and amplitude responses.  All models are housed in connectorized packages and are available with SMA, TNC, BNC, or Type-N connectors.

# of Outputs Theoretical
Insertion Loss
2 3.0
3 4.8
4 6.0
5 7.0
6 7.8
8 9.0
10 10
12 10.8
16 12
32 15.0