Environmental & Quality Assurance

Pulsar's products are designed and manufactured following our stringent in house quality assurance procedures. They are capable of withstanding without damage the following environmental screening tests as defined by MIL-Std-202:

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Test MIL-STD-202 Description Package Style
Hermetic1 Non-Hermetic2
Operating Temp. -- -- -55 to +100°C -25 to +80°C
Storage Temp. -- -- -55 to +150°C -55 to +150°C
Altitude Method 105/E 150,000 feet As Defined As Defined
Humidity Method 106 90% Relative
Humidity, 65°C
As Defined Not Applicable
Thermal Shock Method 107/B -55°C to +85°C As Defined As Defined
Drop Method 203 Random, 45 Minutes As Defined As Defined
Vibration Method 204/D 10 to 2000 Hz,
20 G's, 12 Hours
As Defined As Defined
Solderability Method 208 95% Coverage As Defined As Defined
Solder Heat Method 210/B 260°C, 10 Seconds As Defined As Defined
Terminal Strength Method 211/A 2 lbs., 10 Seconds As Defined As Defined
Terminal Fatigue Method 211/C 1 lb., 3 cycles As Defined As Defined
Solvent Resistance Method 215 15 Minutes As Defined As Defined
At Additional Cost:
Fine Leak Method 112/C -- As Defined Not Applicable
Gross Leak Method 112/D -- As Defined Not Applicable
Mechanical Shock Method 213/I 100 G's, 6 ms As Defined As Defined
Random Vibration Method 214/2F 15 Minutes As Defined As Defined

Hermetic Packages: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 301, 302, 303, 304
Non-Hermetic Pakages: ALL surface mount and connectorized packages are non-hermetic.

Quality Assurance Procedure

Pulsar Microwave Corporation Employs stringent quality assurance policies and procedures which are defined by our in house Quality Assurance manual. Pulsar's Quality Assurance Manual encompasses the requirements of MIL-I-45208 (Inspection Systems), MIL-Std-45662 (Calibration of Test Equipment) and MIL-Std-105 (Material Controls).

Quality Assurance Diagram