Flatpack Analog Phase Shifter, 60-120 MHz

Model: SO-04-302

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Pulsar phase shifter SO-04-302 covers the range 60-120 MHz, while our complete line of phase shifters cover frequency ranges up to 4 GHz. Any Pulsar model can be customized to suit your specific performance or package requirements at little to no extra cost. Pulsar is ISO-9001 certified and ITAR registered.

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Outline 302
0.81"  x  0.81"  x  0.15"
Name: SO-04-302
Frequency Range: 60-120 MHz
Insertion Loss: 2.0 dB max.
Phase Shift: 180° min.
Control Voltage: 0-30 Volts
VSWR: 1.70:1 max.
Package Type: Pin
Maximum input power is +5 dBm.
Other frequencies, phase shift ranges, and control voltages available.

Custom performance and package requirements available.

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