Voltage Controlled Linearized Attenuator, 0.5-2 GHz

Model: AAT-15-479A/7S

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Pulsar attenuator AAT-15-479A/7S covers the range 0.5-2 GHz, while our complete line of attenuators cover frequency ranges up to 18 GHz. Any Pulsar model can be customized to suit your specific performance or package requirements at little to no extra cost. Pulsar is ISO-9001 certified and ITAR registered.

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Outline 479A/7S
3.70"  x  3.30"  x  0.80"
Name: AAT-15-479A/7S
Frequency Range: 0.5-2 GHz
Attenuation Range: 64 dB
Insertion Loss: 3.5 dB max.
VSWR: 1.80:1 max.
Connector Type: SMA
Transfer Function:
      8 dB/Volt Typical for 32 dB attenuation range.
      16 dB/Volt Typical for 64 dB attenuation range.

Typical Switching Speed:   600 nsec
Operating Power:                <= 0 dBm
Power Handling:                 +27 dBm max.
Operating Temperature:   -25°C to + 80°C
DC Supply:
      +12 to +15 Volts @ 100mA Typical.
       -12 to -15 Volts @ 50mA Typical.

Harmonic distortion is affected by input power and frequency.
Typical distortion is 50 dBc for input power less than 0.0 dBm.
Two tone intermodulation products are typically 54 dBc for input power less than 0.0 dBm.

These attenuators are bi-directional: Either SMA connector can be used as input.

Custom performance and package requirements available.

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